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Jacker Potato Crisp Cheese 160g - Remkart

Jacker Potato Crisp Cheese 160g

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Jacker Potato Crisp Cheese 160g - Remkart

Jacker Potato Crisp Cheese 160g

Rs. 161.50

A crispy take on one of the most interesting food combinations - Cheese and Potatoes! 

Jacker Potato Crisps are Imported Potato Crisps from Malaysia. Wholesome Potassium-rich potatoes are thinly shaped to perfection. The surprisingly light and uniform slices of potato are smothered with cheesy cheese flavors. 

An antidote to cheesy cravings. Salty Cheese and Savory Potatoes blend perfectly on the taste palette. Crunchy and flavorful Jacker Cheese Potato Crisps and packed with the mouth-watering goodness of cheesy cheese. 

No bowls are needed. The Cheese Crisps come stacked in a tall can. The resealable can prevents the flavorful crispness of Cheese Potato Crisps from getting soggy or spoiled. Easy to share, serve, stack, and carry- this is a perfect snack for impromptu get-togethers. 

About the Item-

  • A crispy take on the irresistible combination of- Cheese and Potatoes. Imported Potato Crisps from Malaysia are made with top-quality Potatoes- crisped to perfection and enriched with Natural Cheese Flavoring.
  • Loudly crunchy and Cheesy. The savory taste of potatoes and the salty taste of cheese blend together and fit just right on the taste palette. Jacker Cheese Potato Crisps offer a crunchy and smooth,  cheesy taste.
  • Sublime Cheese Potato crisps come stacked in a tall canister. The Convenient Packaging makes the Chips easy to serve, store, stack, and carry. 
  • Cheese Potato Crisps are gluten-free and are Suitable for Vegetarians.

Allergen Information: Contains Milk, Soy.