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Jacker Potato Crisp Orignal 110g - Remkart

Jacker Potato Crisp Orignal 110g

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Jacker Potato Crisp Orignal 110g - Remkart

Jacker Potato Crisp Orignal 110g

Rs. 161.50

Celebrating the wonder of Potato, Jacker Potato Crisps are Imported Potato Crisps from Malaysia. 

Wholesome potassium rich potatoes are thinly shaped to perfection. The surprisingly light and uniform slices of potato are then enriched with flavors and natural ingredients to make the Iconic- Original flavored Jacker Potato Crisps. 

An antidote to savory cravings. Light and Flavorful Potato Chips are loudly crispy. The delightful crisps are packed with a simplistic savory taste of Salted Potatoes. 

No bowls needed. The crisps come stacked in a tall can. The resealable can prevents the flavorful crispness of Potato Crisps from getting soggy or spoiled. 

Snack attack for when the time calls. This tall canister of Jacker Original Potato Crisps is a fulfilling savory treat during an impromptu sleepover, movie night, road trip, picnic, etc. The convenient packaging is filled with a soul soothing relish of potatoes. 

The can of Jacker Original Potato Crisps is a willing indulgence for those who enjoy a savory taste but cannot handle too much spice, or someone who enjoys the simple pleasures of life! 

About the Item-

  • Imported Potato Crisps from Malaysia are made with top-quality Potatoes- crisped to perfection and enriched with fine flavors and natural ingredients. 
  • Loudly crunchy and savory. Jacker Original Potato Crisps offer a subtle savory taste that is rich and fulfilling. These Potato crisps are ideal for someone who cannot handle too much spice but has a love for the simple pleasures in life. 
  • Classic Potato crisps come stacked in a tall canister. The convenient Packaging makes the Chips easy to serve, store, stack, and carry. 
  • Potato crisps are Gluten-Free and are Suitable for vegans and vegetarians.
  • Contains additional MSG. Not recommended for infants below 12 months.